Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check Out The 10 Best Camouflage Homes In The World (Photos)

Casa do Penedo Fafe Mountain, Portugal (Front View)
Casa do Penedo Fafe Mountain, Portugal (Back View)
Wood House, Hilversum, Netherland (Front View)

Wood House, Hilversum, Netherland (Side View)
Leaf Box, San Francisco Califonia

Leaf Box, San Francisco Califonia
Dragon Rock, Garrison, New York
Dragon Rock, Garrison, New York
Dune Home, Atlantic Beach, Florida
Dune Home, Atlantic Beach, Florida
Green House, Negano, Japan

Green House, Negano, Japan
Pierre Home, San Juan Islands Washington
Camouflage House, Green Lake Wiscounsin
StoneFlower House, Greery Ferry, Akansas
Cob House, Rutledge, Missouri

The Human mind is really blessed to be creative.

UNILAG Students Protest Against The Name Change Made By The President

A friend of mine said " Foolishness is when UNILAG students are protesting because of name change and not lack of quality of education, and stupidity is when changing the name of a university without informing ASSU." Hmmm...i shake my head!

Charles Taylor Convited: 50 Years Jail Term To Be Served

Former president of Liberia Charles Taylor has been convicted. the court states that he was aiding and abeting war crime.
His offenses also include murder, Rape, illegal recruitment of young boys as soldiers, enforcement of amputation and pillage and sexual slavery.

His jail term is likely to be served at Britain.

Chai...only one person this whole crime?

Some Photos From The African King Of Comedy Show

Nice show...Thumbs up to all artiste who performed at the show and those who didn't. All join...abi? 

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Tweet Of The Day

Our dear Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has done it again

Where is my dictionary? 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sele Eradiri the NTA Foremost Newscaster Just Past On To Glory

The popular program presenter of "Newsline" on NTA channel has past on to glory. Reports states that she died in the early hours of this morning at the Lagos University teaching hospital (LUTH).

She died at the age of 57. With what i head, she was said to have gone for a successful surgery in india which was successful at the moment but after  few days she passed on.

How sad...My condolences to her family. May your soul rest in peace Eradiri.

Syrian Children Killed By Militants In Syria

Story according to Linda...
On Friday May 25th around 3pm, Civilian militias loyal to President Bashar Assad of Syria stormed the province of Homs, in the Syrian town of Houla, and went from house to house murdering entire families one by one. They'd kill the mothers first, tie up the children, and make the fathers watch as they execute the children, before finally killing the fathers.

The massacre started by 3pm Friday afternoon and didn't end till 2am Saturday morning. And by the time the armed thugs were done, 106 lost their lives, including 47 children between 3 months old and 10 years who had either been shot or stabbed to death. 
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Psquare Acquire A New Private Jet

According to NaijaPals
"If it’s not one of the publicity stunts, It is gathered that the multiple award winning hip-hop sensation, P-Square, have acquired a private jet!

Dbanj Visits Plumsted manor School in london (Video)

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Dbanj Short Interview In London: "I Was Once A security Officer"

Dbanj was on ITV News in London where he was interviewed by reporter and guess what he said just before the end of the video "I was once a security officer in London"...Isn't that so cool. for the upcoming artiste...Keep your fingers crossed, if Dbanj can do it you can too.

Ekuro Vidoe By Davido

This is a new one by Davido and i like it. check it out for yourself

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Have Heard This Song? Bigiano Ft. Wizkid - Chillin

Check it out...Nice one!

Penis painting Vandalized?

What's this guys business with this painting. this is a typical case of busybody...If you don't like something, it doesn't mean you have to destroy. i wonder what the painter of that picture will feel. i bet he'll want to rip them both apart considering the amount of work done to make that painting look that good. Well, i guess the white guy was not too cool with the genital of that picture, maybe that's the reason for his action. But that still doesn't give him to the right to vandalize the picture. What would you do if you were the painter of that picture and you saw them vandalizing it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I knew something crazy was going to happen after the Bayern Munich Vs. Chelsea match last week saturday. the craze in town after the game was just too much i had to stay indoors. The few minutes i spent outside was a crazy experience for me i must say. bikers were riding like hungry dogs and buss drivers were even more mad.

i all this jubilation i am sure there was nothing to show for except for the fact that then team actually won. but this jubilation cost a family two lives in the process.

due to so much rowdiness on the streets, armed gunmen used this opportunity to rob a pregnant woman a after which she was shot. But she gave up the ghost after she was already rushed to the hospital. There were also other cases that led to serious injuries, but this one was what caught my attention and i thought i should share the news with you guys.

Obafemi Martins Acquires An Expensive Multi-Million Naira Home In VGC

What else should you expect? He's got the money and he's permitted to FLAUNT it. Every other person reading this post will do the same right?

WTF*** Selena Gomez Breaks Up With Justin Bieber...Thanks To Rumors Of Him Having An Affair With Rihanna

I just heard according to MTO that Selena Gomez the long term girlfriend of the famous Justin Bieber have broken up because she heard that Justin is SMASHING Rihanna.