Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Asari Dokubo Threatens To Bomb Hausa's In Niger/Delta


What the Ijaw What the former Ijaw Youth Council president and founder of Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force said while addressing a press conference in Abuja on Monday:

The arrogance of B/H is un-islamic. The type of bomb they are using is small small pikin bomb. If we begin, nobody will stay in Abuja. 
We don’t manufacture bomb but we buy bombs & dynamites. I started armed struggle in the N/Delta. It's because of GEJ that we at quiet. Soon, we will not be able to guarantee our patience any more. If Ijaw people should retaliate, every household in the North will cry. It is the North that needs peace more than us.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

16 Year Old Boy Beaten To Death By Step Mother For Stealing N50

The woman was stripped naked and made to carry the corpse of the dead boy around her area. The sad incident happened on Sunday on Amosu Street, Ijegun, in Lagos.
According to neighbours, trouble started after Seubow lost the N1,000 given to him by Iya Anu to run an errand for her some days back. Angered by the loss which she claimed was theft, the woman refused to feed Seubow for over four days. When the teenager couldn't take the hunger anymore, he sneaked out to buy gala one night. When Iya Anu found out, she accused him of stealing her N50 and beat him up, using a rod. She battered him for days until he gave the ghost on Sunday afternoon.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Healthy Diets That Would Help You Shed Some Pounds

Healthy Diets That Would Help You Shed Some Pounds: Health is an important word that practically everyone on the surface of the earth takes very serious and I guess you are not among the few who are not concerned. When you talk about living a healthy life, the first thing anyone should mention should be food. That brings me to the main topic �healthy diet.� There are thousands of people out there wh