Thursday, March 27, 2014

SUGARBEATZ Production is at it Again

Sugarbeatz Production, a subsidiary of the Dream Big Dreams Multimedia has just produced another hit track called Honey. Produced by the Ever amazing LammyLuge.
The track features the label's new act, Chris Samurai on a joint by Ray1. Click here to download the song 'Honey' - Ray1 ft Chris Samurai.

Never heard of Sugarbeatz? Well, you can produce the NOW & the FUTURE at the SUGARBEATZ STUDIO. Our range of excellent services include:

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Release Date For The New Hercules Starring The Rock

Much awaited Hercules remake is being done by Dwayne Johnson with the release date set to be 25th July, 2014. The previous Hercules was released earlier this year which was starred by Kellan Lutz as Hercules and Scott Adkins as the villain. I personally like this one, but can only say which one is better when I've seen the new one by The Rock.

After the cut are the trailers for both Hercules. Check it out and tell me what you from just from watching the trailer.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria: What is Your Say?

Even if you were a blind person, you would have noticed that there has been scarcity of fuel in Nigeria lately and that has given bus drivers and even Napep riders the wings to fly their transport fair price high. Apart from that, there are those who need fuel to run their generators due to no electric power supplyand have to endure the heat of the night. Even the price of food in the market is being increased as market woman complain of increased price on transportation.

All of these is going on yet there is no proper explanation for the public. I am sure there are lots of people who have been affected by this happening of which I also have my share it. What do you have to say about this?

Just For Laughs: What Will You Call This?

This picture is definitely rib cracking. LOL!

So tell me in your own opinion, what would you call this simple act?

A: Patience
B: Madness
C: Faith

A Kenyan Pastor Bans Women from Wearing Underwear To Church

Ok guys, things are really getting weird these days. It was said that a pastor In kenya told his female members to stop wearing underwear when coming to church. I wouldn't want to alter the story, so read it just the way I saw it according to Ibom Newsdesk.

NAIROBI: Pastor Reverend Njohi has introduced a form of worship at his Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in which female members of the congregation are banned from wearing underwear so God can enter their bodies easily.

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The Line Has Been Drawn On Abortion, Make Your Input

On Sunday March 2, 2014 was the communion service of Christ Embassy a.k.a Believers Loveworld Incorporated. In this meeting The president of this ministry Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD answered a question on Abortion. I particularly find this answer a classic one as it sheds more light in this area that has been a big issue over the years. I would rather not say it all, but give you the opportunity to watch the video for yourself if you were not opportune to watch it on TV or present in a Christ Embassy Church on that day.

And for those who have watched it but didn't quite agree with what has been said or have some unclear issues with the answer given, i suggest you watch the video again. This time, watch it and listen carefully, maybe you might just get the clear picture this time. Here is the link to the video:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tyler Perry Lay Hands on Bishop TD Jakes at Potters House

I found this picture on twitter and i thought you guys would like to see it too.

It is a picture of one of the biggest Hollywood Movie Director and actor (Tyler Perry) laying hands on Bishop TD Jakes at the Potters House.

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