Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kissing Or What? Tell Me, What Is Wrong With This Photo?

Afrocandy Releases What We All Know As Soft Porn Movie...Check It Out And Tell Me if it Looks Anything Like Soft Porn

 You should know by now that i like to bring it hot and spicy... This is the video trailer from Judith Afrocandy's Destructive instinct 3 & 4. Feed your eyes!
Destructive instinct 3 & 4 Trailer by f100000401986541

OMG! A Girl Drugged, Molested And Dumped In Car At a Club In Lagos...Picture

This is really crazy I must say. I heard that a girl was drugged in a club then allegedly molested. A picture of her was taken with a bottle of coke sticking out right from her mmhmm... You know what I mean. See picture after the cut...

Warning! highly graphical

Video: Annie Idibia Drops A Word On The Pregnancy Rumor!

I guess this video settles the rumor about Annie Idibia's pregnancy. Watch!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

AWW!!! Love Is Really Magical: Nigerian Girl Gets Married To Her British Lover In Her Local Village Hut

The Bride: Kelechi or 'Kecci' as she is fondly called got married to Sander, her British lover on Easter Sunday,March 31, 2013. Location: Umuagwo Eziudo, Imo State.

I can imagine the excitement in the air as the villagers heard that there would be a wedding between their daughter Kelechi and Sander her British heart-throb.

I can imagine how proud her family must have felt on the day the wedding took place and what must have been going through their minds. '' This our daughter is Golden O!'' CHAI!.

This is what 'LOVE' can cause y'all; Bringing two different cultures together as one. And to my Nigerian brothers, its high time you start plucking all these ripe fruits in every tree around you before outsiders start getting them. **Just saying**
see more photos after the cut