Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Video: Rihanna Drops Some Dollar Bills On a Stippers Azz In Miami

Rihanna made it rain on some booty at a stripper club in Miami. $8,000. some artiste can spend carelessly sharr! here to see video

Chris Brown's Has Got A New Toy...Guess What Type!

Wowses! Doesn't Chris Brown just like funny stuff. A hot wheels inspired Lamborghini.
The picture below is Breezy about to enter his new toy at a club in Hollywood!
Rihanna! legoo.

Controversial MTN Advert! Can You Guess What Other Meaning Their Is To It?

If you ask me, i will say this video says a lot more than just the "getting of more MTN users." or what do you think? I like the ad though. :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

There Are Eleven Days Of The Year That People Watch The Least Porn - What Are They?

The level at which porn is watched all over the world is crazily much. While you  may not be watching, someone somewhere is watching. but then i ask myself, could there be days when less people are on the internet for the sake of watching porn?

Then i made my research and came up with eleven days of the year that there are not as much people as normal on the internet watching porn, but even at that, the number is still great. I hope you understand what I mean. If you think there are other days apart from the days below, feel free to drop it at the comment box.
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Video - You Can Now Have Sex Via iPhone...Durex Creates Funderwear - A Vibrating Underwear

This is one is new...There is nothing we will not see in this world we live in. Durex the popular condom makers have created a new device that works with your iPhone app enabling phone sex.

Simply put, if your partner is not around and you are having that horny feeling, the thing can still go down if you have a funderwear. All you have to do is wear your funderwear, buzz your partner using your iPhone and drag your finger across the area you want to stimulate and that's it...You are having phone sex. The thing vibrates giving your partner sexual pleasure. Though this product is still being experimented, the release date has not been told. But you can have an experience of this product by visiting their Facebook page.

WTF! Rihanna Seen Wearing Only a White Shirt An a G-String Outside

Look closely and you will see what i saw.

Justin Bieber Spotted Kissing Selena Gomez! Are These Two Back Together Or What?

At the Believe world Tour, in Oslo, Norway. Justin Bieber was seen kissing his good love Selena. I am thinking, is this young celeb trying to bring back the once had love he had for his chick? Well, with the way it is, i think this is actually going to be just that way. how else do you explain a kiss from the one you once loved! Even though they have been seen kissing, it has not been confirmed that they are officially back together.
What really brought about the kiss was that:
"Selena came to Norway to see Justin. She landed when he was onstage. They met up privately later. She was picked up by a car from Justin's camp. It was a personal visit." "They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips. They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together."
From what I see and observe,  I think these two are ready to take another try. i only hope that they both learned their lessons and avoid making such mistakes. If you ask me, I'll say I like them together. What do you think?

New Music Audio From D'banj - Why You Love Me

Here comes a new song from the Koko Master.

Video: Beyonce Mobbed By Obsessed Fans!

Just when Beyonce wanted to show off by walking through the crowd, she got manhandled by her fans who from the look of the video are crazy and really want to have some of her. You don't believe me? watch the video for yourself.

Babcock University Increases School Fees For Next Session

According to the news i got...The Babcock University have reviewed and increased their school fees for the next coming session. As it is students are scared to raise their voice in protest because they could get suspended by the school administration. Below are the school fees for the different departments.

  • Accounting- N1.5million
  • Nursing- N1million
  • Law- N2million
  • Medicine- N3million
  • Others- N860,000

If you ask me, i'll say something should be done  about this before any student start paying. even though we know their students whose parents can pay such amount of money for their children, it doesn't change the fact that is just too much to pay for education in a country where education is supposed to be encouraged. N3million? come on! i hereby ask that parents should be the ones to protest against this since their children stand the risk of getting suspended if done by themselves. This might not affect every parent directly, but if you look at this closely, it goes a long way in affecting everyone. So i call for every citizen of Nigeria to take a step in making a might sound a small matter to you, but that is where it all begins.

The fight is not only for parents but for the Government. I'm sure something can be done about this.