Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are These Two Dating? Kanye West And Katty Perry

This news is according to MTO they said that Kanye West and KATTY PERRY were very close during and AFTER Kanye's Paris fashion week show. Tells one insider, "Katy hung around [at the fashion show] until everyone left. Then she hopped into Kanye's Mercedes- and went to the afterparty."
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Another witness told us that the two LEFT the afterparty together to. Tells the insider, "Katy and Kanye were near each other all night, not all over each other, just close like they were trying to hide it . . . And after about an hour, they both inconspicuously left together."

Katy is good friends with Rihanna, who according to interviews, is the one who introduced them.

We can't say for certain how SERIOUS the two are . . . but this is FACT, not rumor. And you know what . . . we kinda LIKE THESE TWO together. Katy seems like the kinda chick that can keep his HUGE EGO in check!!!

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