Friday, February 24, 2012

Chris Brown To Be Jailed For Phone Robbery

Chris Brown,an R&B Superstar has been accused of phone robbery.He was said to have snatched a lady's iphone outside a Night club in Miami last weekend and driving off with it.

Here's what allegedly happened:

    "The alleged victim, Christal Spann, 24, told officers she and some friends had followed Brown out of the club and took the photo while he was sitting in a black Bentley.

    “(Brown) reached through his car window, snatched her phone from her hands, and said, ‘B--ch! You ain’t going to put that on no website!’” the report noted, based on Spann’s interview with cops.

    Brown then rolled up his window and drove off with Spann’s smartphone, she told police."

Personally, i don't blame him for all that happened. He is just a troubled guy and he has just too many people trying to talk him out of that fact and this includes both his fans and celebrities alike.

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