Sunday, April 21, 2013

There Are Eleven Days Of The Year That People Watch The Least Porn - What Are They?

The level at which porn is watched all over the world is crazily much. While you  may not be watching, someone somewhere is watching. but then i ask myself, could there be days when less people are on the internet for the sake of watching porn?

Then i made my research and came up with eleven days of the year that there are not as much people as normal on the internet watching porn, but even at that, the number is still great. I hope you understand what I mean. If you think there are other days apart from the days below, feel free to drop it at the comment box.
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  • Valentines Day: Those with significant others are probably having real-life sex with their partners on Valentine's Day. Maybe single people are too depressed to take matters into their own hands?
  • Fathers Day: Spending the day with your dad doesn't really inspire sexy thoughts
  • Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend: Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for travel. People are probably too exhausted and busy to do much of anything.
  • Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend: Another big travel and family event day discourages porn watching.
  • October 20th (Superstorm Sandy): More than 7 million Americans lost power during Sandy, so it makes sense that not a lot of Internet porn was watched.
  • New Year's Day: One word: hangover. After a night of partying, people are probably too hungover to do anything but lie in the fetal position.
  • Independence Day: This is a busy day for people, filled with barbecues, picnics, and fireworks. There's not much of a chance to get any alone time.
  • Christmas Eve: Christmas Ever is a wholesome family occasion. People are baking cookies for Santa, not watching porn.
  • Easter: This is a religious holiday that many people spend in church. Watching porn after church probably inspires more guilt than anything else.
  • Thanksgiving: Nothing makes you feel less sexy than overeating.
  • Christmas Day: Everybody is too busy dealing with relatives and pretending to like crappy gifts to do much of anything else.
Like I said, there is nothing wrong if you think otherwise, the comment box is there for you to share your thoughts.

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