Sunday, April 21, 2013

Babcock University Increases School Fees For Next Session

According to the news i got...The Babcock University have reviewed and increased their school fees for the next coming session. As it is students are scared to raise their voice in protest because they could get suspended by the school administration. Below are the school fees for the different departments.

  • Accounting- N1.5million
  • Nursing- N1million
  • Law- N2million
  • Medicine- N3million
  • Others- N860,000

If you ask me, i'll say something should be done  about this before any student start paying. even though we know their students whose parents can pay such amount of money for their children, it doesn't change the fact that is just too much to pay for education in a country where education is supposed to be encouraged. N3million? come on! i hereby ask that parents should be the ones to protest against this since their children stand the risk of getting suspended if done by themselves. This might not affect every parent directly, but if you look at this closely, it goes a long way in affecting everyone. So i call for every citizen of Nigeria to take a step in making a might sound a small matter to you, but that is where it all begins.

The fight is not only for parents but for the Government. I'm sure something can be done about this.

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