Monday, May 19, 2014

World Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the World's Best Selling Toy (The Rubik Cube)

Here are some facts about the Rubik cube that I think you should know.

1. The Rubik's cube was invented by a professor.
The Telegraph reports that Erno Rubik, a Hungarian professor of architecture and design, "wanted a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry" to his students.

2. The toy was originally named the Magic Cube.
In a recent interview with The New York Times, Rubik admitted that it was strange to refer to his creation as a "Rubik's cube" and says that he calls it "my cube." Rubik introduced the toy as the Magic Cube in Hungary, named for his theory of "magic cubology," but the Ideal Toy Corp. dubbed it the Rubik's cube in 1979.

3. All possible Rubik's cube combinations can be solved in 23 moves.
Our sister site Mental Floss found that no matter how the cube starts out, its colors can be perfectly rearranged in 23 or fewer steps. If you're addicted to the toy, whether in physical form or on Google's homepage, Mental Floss has the secrets to solving any Rubik's cube in 23 moves.

Cool, right? If you saw the picture above in Google and was wondering why it's up, then i guess now you know. Though this might be coming late, but at least, you know now.

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